(deep level shelter)


One of seven shelters built during World War II underneath Northern Line stations, the plan was to incorporate them later into an express version of the Northern Line.

The list of shelters built on the Northern Line is:
- Belsize Park
- Camden Town
- Goodge Street
- Stockwell
- Clapham North
- Clapham Common
- Clapham South




One of the ventilation panels lifted to show the division between top and bottom levels.




Lower level as seen from one of the cross passages.




Lower level: the height of the ceiling from the floor on the right hand side is approximately seven feet.




Lower level.




Location of the mens toilets on the lower level.




Lower level.




Cross passage.




Below the lower level is this equipment room level; a dismantled ventilator is seen here.




Electricity room stripped of nearly all its equipment.




Stairs from the equipment level up to the lower level.




This exit, leading to Clapham North tube station, has had two extractor pipes installed.







The upper end of the staircase above, bricked up. It would have led into Clapham North (Northern Line) station. Curiously, the metal shutter gates haven't been removed, they've just been compressed and the brick wall built in the space remaining.




The Clapham Road entrance at surface level. This was designed to be the main entrance.




The Clapham Road entrance. The circular pillbox design is common to the shelters.

(All photos taken 2009)



Clapham South deep level shelter