Northern / Northern City Line




Most of the (existing) tube stations in London that have had their lift shafts replaced with escalators, will still have the old lift shafts and access passageways still in existence. Some are used for ventilation purposes, some for cabling, some just collect soot.

Moorgate has more disused passageways than most existing stations, owing to the replacement of the separate lift shafts and passages for both the Northern and Northern City lines, as well as the interconnecting passageways to the Metropolitan Line.

The station has been rebuilt three times. 2nd October 1936 saw the opening of a new ticket hall serving all the lines, and with it the consequential closure of the Northern City Line ticket hall (this 'new' ticket hall was itself rebuilt in the mid-1970s).





(Moorgate - Finsbury Park)




At the end of the passage seen here, a T-junction is reached: turning left leads to the lift shafts; turning right leads to some upward steps and then the passage that leads to the Metropolitan line, as seen below.

(photo: 2008)





Following the passageway toward the Metropolitan line.

(photo: 2008)







Taken in Nov 2002, this shows a poster still in situ; certainly very evocative of a bygone age.


©2002. Paul Ogram




This small passage leads off to ventilation windows in the old C&SLR (Northern Line) lift shaft.

(photo: 2008)




Further along the passage heading toward the Metropolitan line.

(photo: 2008)




Just before reaching the Metropolitan Line, one comes across this enormous ventilation fan. Some measure of its size can be gained from comparing it to the pipes, then looking at the size of the pipes in the preceding photo (in what is a generously sized passage!).

(photo: 2008)


Highbury & Islington (Northern City Line)



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.