Opened in 1846 between Stratford and Canning Town, the line was extended to North Woolwich the following year. Services were extended north to Palace Gates in 1887 although that line (northwards from Seven Sisters) was closed to passengers in 1963.
1979 saw most of the North Woolwich branch incorporated into the North London Line, pre-empting the closure of the Broad Street line (Broad Street station had hitherto provided the eastern terminus for the North London Line).




(1840 - 1985)

One of the stations on the North Woolwich and Stratford line, which later had its services extended to run up to Palace Gates in North London. The closure of the Palace Gates branch as far as Seven Sisters, meant a curtailment of services and this station never recovered, especially after services to North Woolwich were rerouted to form part of the new look North London Line.

In May 2013, the station has definitely been earmarked for re-opening by the government. Full details are on the London Reconnections site.

By Jan 2016, work on the re-opening was well under. Details on the IanVisits site.



The site of the station building on Lea Bridge Road. The station building is hidden by the advertising hoardings.

(photo: 2006)



The dilapidated station building interior. This was not the elegant original but a charmless 1970s replacement built for function (staffless operation) rather than comfort or style.

The remains shown here have since been demolished.

(photo: 2006)




Looking north from the station building at the overgrown platforms.
The road on the right hand side of the track is recent and built on the site of industrial works.

(photo: 2006 )




View down to the eastbound platform. The stairs leading down to the other platform have been removed.

(photo: 2006)




Looking back up toward the station building.

(photo: 2006)




Northward view from the south/eastbound platform.

(photo: 2006)




Southward view from the south/eastbound platform.

(photo: 2006)




View from the new road that parallels the track for a distance. A signboard frame is still visible on the platform.

(photo: 2006)




View southward from the northern end of the platforms.

(photo: 2006)




Lea Bridge platform sign, once on display at the late lamented North Woolwich railway museum.


For photos of this station shortly before and after closure, see these sites:



Reference: London Railways by Edwin Course. B T Batsford Ltd, London, 1962.



North Woolwich Line: Stratford - Stratford Market